10 Classic Business Books Everyone must read

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"There is no friend as loyal as book ".

There is a saying if you can't travel the world read a book . Reading a good book has always being a amazing experience and it should be a part of our routine. Books not only helps to gain knowledge but also make us a good communicator and thinker . Book reading is one of the most common habit we can observe in every great personality . Even business tycoons Bill Gates , Mark Zukerberg, Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma give 4 to 6 hours of their valuable time for book reading . If you are also an entrepreneur then you should also make it your habit . Do remember book reading is not a wastage of time but it's an investment . Here is a list of some books I think every entrepreneur must read .

1. Think and Grow Rich (1937) : Think and Grow Rich was written American Journalist, Lecturer and Author Napoleon Hill in the year 1937. This book is considered as one of the best books ever written on business and investment. This book describes the habits of rich people and the qualities that makes them successful. According to Hill a person is not succeed because of their luck but only because of his way of thinking and action. Napoleon Hill spent almost 20 years and make a study of 500 people who grew richer in very short span of time even in recession.

2. How to win Friends and Influence People (1936) : It is one of the most selling book of all time. This book was written and published in 1936 by Dale Carnegie. This book was also ranked on 19 in the list of most influential books of all time by 'Time' magazine. This book describes the qualities a person should have, to influence the people and friends.To be a successful entrepreneur one should have the quality to attract the people and their employees .

3. Outliers : The story of Success (2008) : This book has been written by Malcolm Gladwell and was published in the year 2008. In this book Gladwell has discussed the essential factors to be required to be a successful entrepreneur and person.

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad (2000) : This book is one of the best seller and was originally published in the year 2000. It was written by Robert Kiyosoki . Kiyosoki has made a comparative study of two persons a rich dad and poor dad . What habits makes a person rich and another a poor. According to Kiyosoki to live a stress free life we have to come out from Rat Race .He has also suggested the ways to be out of Rat Race. According to Kiyosoki to be out of Rat Race one should has to achieve financial freedom and that can be achieved only if we are financially literate .

5. The Intelligent Investor ( 1949) : This book was originally published in the year 1949. This book is considered to be one of the most influential book on Investment .It was written by Benjamin Graham . Graham has discussed the basic factors to be kept in mind while selecting an stock for investment.

6. Good to Great (2001) : This book was published in 2001 and written by James C. Collins . This book describes the reasons how some companies touched the heights of success but others don't. According to Collins it is management which makes a companies good to great. Collins has highlighted the importance of management in the success of a company.

7. Purple Cow ( 2003) : This book was originally published in 2003. It was written by Seth Godia , a well known American Author, Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker. Godia denies the remarkable impact of advertising in the modern age of cut throat competition. He advocates for mouth advertising rather than creative advertising.

8. Steve jobs (2011) : It is an authorised biography of Apple man Steve Jobs. This book was written by Walter Isacsson on the special request of Steve Jobs. This book describes the failures, struggles, and successes of Steve Jobs. It also discuss about the success story of Apple.

9. Bad Blood- Secrets and Lies in Silicon Valley start up (2018) : This book was published in 2018 and written by journalist John Carreyrow. This book is a critical analysis of start ups of Silicon Valley , which is considered as the hub of start ups.

10. The 4 hour work week (2007) : This book was written by American Author and Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss and was originally published in 2007. The book advocates the importance of smart work rather to hard work. Ferriss states that there is no need to work 9 am to 5 pm whole week to be rich and successful. 4 hours smart work in a week with proper vision and planning is much better and fruitful rather to work for whole week 9 am to 5 pm.

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  1. Hi Abhishek,

    Great list.
    One of my favorite business books is Steve jobs. Amazing book and inspiring for all entrepreneurs..

  2. Nice books on investment….investment requires lots of dedication …patience and knowledge.these books will certainly add to the knowledge bank.

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