5 Reasons you are alone but not Lonely

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In common practice being alone and being lonely is defined in the same way. But in real there is a huge difference between both of the terms. Loneliness is the state of mind where a person is having the feeling of sadness and anxiety due to fear or social rejection, but being alone is the state of mind where a person wish to cut himself from society and social interaction. Sometimes being alone could be a reason of loneliness. But we can not say both of the terms are synonyms to each other. Loneliness is always a negative phenomenon but being alone could be positive as well as negative phenomenon. If you are confused whether you are alone or lonely . Here are the 5 signs indicating that you are alone or lonely .

  1. Sleeping : One of the most common sign indicating whether a person is lonely is his sleeping . If a person is lonely he/she should have the problem with sleeping . Either he or she is not completing his sleep or having trouble with waking up little bit at late night or waking up on regular intervals even when he does,t aware about it. As per study bed time is the most crucial time when a person is dominated badly by his loneliness.
  2. Negativity : While interacting with a lonely person you will realise that he is showing negative attitude towards each and every person . According to him every person is selfish, having lack of common sense , corrupt , bad and fool. Every time he blame the whole society and system for his problems and failures.
  3. Aggressiveness : Being aggressive in routine is also a common sign indicating that you are lonely. A lonely person is always lacking calmness in his behavior . Sometimes he became violent in very small issues as abusing bus conductor for not giving ticket on time, shouting on subordinates for delay in work, abusing peon for cleanliness.
  4. Distrust : A person with loneliness is always having the sense of distrust . He think only himself as the honest and doesn’t believe on others . The simple reason for distrust may be his negative behavior.
  5. Unrealistic : One very crucial sign of being lonely is being unrealistic. As per survey majority of lonely people prefer to search online friends to whom they don’t know, imagine them self with celebrities, imagine their love relationship with the people who doesn’ t exist in real.

( This article was sent by my friend Rakesh Tiwari , Reader , Psychology ) . Thanku Rakesh Tiwari Sir.

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