How to make money through domain trading

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Domain name trading is one of the most trending business idea to make money online by just spending few hours in a week. Before going to discuss the topic, lets know the meaning of domain name. If a person has to visit to your home, he should have your home address. In the same way if a visitors would like to visit to your website he should have a unique name called 'Domain'. It simply means a domain name is a unique address through which a person can access to your website. Suppose you would like to visit this site you will have to type in address bar and without this you can't access to this site. Now lets come to topic what is means by domain trading and how it works. Domain trading means buying domain name at low price and sell it to higher prices. It works as like as stock trading and prices are decided by demand and supply factor. If the demand of your domain name is high, it has higher value and in case less demand is there it remain unsold or sold at lower prices. Many people are making money through the trading of domain name by buying it at penny value and sold in billions. If you are a good predictor you can also make money through domain trading. Here are the things you have to do for domain trading.

  1. Registration: If you would like to buy a domain a domain name first thing you will have to do is to register with domain name proving firms. The registration is absolutely easy and free, just fill the basic details like name, mobile number and email id and register for free. Some popular domain providing firms are,,, etc. are there where you can register.
  2. Search the domain name: After making successful registration just search the domain name you would like to buy. While buying the domain name make sure that it is creative name having the demand in market. Always prefer the short and simple name with easy pronunciation. So many types of domain names are there like( .com, .in, .biz, .travel, .us)  etc. but .com is most popular amongst all. So while  buying the domain name always prefer the .com as it is universal in nature and having more demand.
  3. Place the order : After deciding the name just place the order and pay the amount. Payment can be made though the credit cards, debit cards, wallets, net banking and other modes. After payment domain name you have bought is credited to your account.While placing the order make sure that you have bought the domain name at very low price. Don't ever buy a domain name at higher prices if you are not a professional trader. Usually the domain can be bought at Rs. 99 to Rs. 499 depending on the demand of the name.
  4. Park to sell : After buying the domain name just park it to sell. So many trading platforms are there where you can park your domain name for sell. and are the popular amongst all. You can park it for free or some trading platforms are charging some nominal charges for parking a domain. Now set the offer price at which you would like to sell your domain name and finally park it for sell.
  5. Sell and Settlement: After parking your domain name will appear on trading platform and who ever is interested will put bid price. If you are agree then domain is sold. Domain trading provider website debits the domain name from your account and deposit the settlement amount after deducting the commission.(

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