Jack Ma: Alibaba Founder

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Jack Ma

Alibaba co-founder and one of the greatest Chinese corporate leader Jack Ma has formally left Alibaba, the company founded by him 20 years back . In a farewell ceremony attended by 80,000 employees he steps down with a rock show. Last year he had announced to take retirement from Alibaba to start his new journey as a social activist . In this way a journey start with Alibaba 20 years back has finally came to an end.

Childhood : Jack Ma was born as Ma Yun on September 10, 1964 in a small town of China Hangzhou in a middle class family. Hangzhou was a small town but it was a tourist place. At childhood Jack Ma used to visit the hotels by Cycle which was around 70 miles away from his home to make a conversation with foreign tourists in order to improve his English . Where he met a foreign tourist and he suggested him a nick name 'Jack' as his original name Ma Yun was hard to pronounce.

Education: Jack Ma did his schooling from his home town Hangzhou. But he struggled when it comes to join a college. He appeared four times for college entrance exam and every time he failed. In 1988 he finally completed his bachelors in English from Hangzhou Normal University.

His struggle to get a job :  After completing his bachelors in English Jack Ma struggled to get a job. He applied for so many government positions but every time he was rejected. He applied for police services and he was declared unfit for the job . He applied at KFC and he was the only one who was rejected out of 24 candidates. After being rejected for 30 different jobs he finally selected as a lecturer of English at Hangzhou University.

His journey as a entrepreneur: It was the year 1995 Jack Ma visited United States with his friends. It was the time when Silicon Valley witnessed the thousands of start ups. Jack Ma also approached Silicon Valley with some start up ideas but failed to attract investors. Jack Ma returned back to China and created a website . Within few hours of launching the website he got mail from so many Chinese investor and shown their interest . It inspired Jack Ma and led him to start a new website Chinapages.com. This website succeed to attract the attention of customers as well as investors. Since then he never look back . He got the global recognition from Alibaba, a leading e-commerce platform. Alibaba.com was founded by Jack Ma and his friend on April 4, 1999. Alibaba.com is a largest e-commerce company and one of the most recognised name in global business world.  Jack Ma made huge investment in media houses, specially in China. He made investment in so many start ups and currently running more than a dozen subsidiaries. As a part of his strategy to make Alibaba a global leader Jack Ma acquired dozens of companies in a decade. Now Alibaba and subsidiaries has a business operation in more than 180 countries.

Leading companies owned by Alibaba:

1. Auto Navi: Aoto Navi is a Chineses map and navigation company and one of the most valuable app in China. It was founded in 2001 and acquired in 2014 by Alibaba. It is providing data to Google, Apple and other companies.

2. Alipay: Alipay is one of the largest online payment platform accepting online payments for Alibaba group of companies and other e-Commerce companies. It was founded by Alibaba in 2004.

3. Taobao: Taobao is one of the largest c to c (customer to customer) platform offering free listing of products and services. It was founded by Alibaba in 2003.

4. Alibaba Pictures Ltd. : It is one of the most recognised name amongst Chinese media houses. Alibaba group acquired this company in 2017.

5. Paytm Mall : Paytm Mall is a leading Indian E- Commerce company offering consumer durable and non- durable goods. Paytm Mall was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Alibaba group now has a significant stake in Paytm Mall and Paytm.

6. South China Morning Post: South China Morning Post is a leading English daily published from Hong Kong. It was acquired by Alibaba to increase his participation in media houses.

7. Aliwangwang and Laiwang : It is a instant messaging app and having the significant presence in China.

Achievement : 

1. In the year 2014 Alibaba made an Initial Public Offer (IPO) in Newyork Stock Exchange and became the largest IPO offering in American History.

2. In the year 2009 and 2014 Jack Ma was in the list of 'Time person of the year' .

3. Named 'Business week' businessman of the year in the year 2005. Also listed in 25 most powerful business personality in Asia.

4. Named 30th most powerful person in world by Forbes in 2014.

5. In the year 2004 China Central Television named him Top 10 business personalities of the year.

6. At Asian Awards ceremony 2015 he was awarded with ' Entrepreneur of the year' .


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  1. His journey shows that you don’t necessarily need high education, you just need a vision and learn entrepreneurial skills. You also need a bit of luck, so that an investor finds you, if you don’t have the funds to start your own business.

  2. Jack Ma is an inspiration. I like how he rose from struggling to get a job to owning his company. I’ve seen some interviews of him and I gotta admin, I admire him being down to earth even though he’s already earning a lot.

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