Osho: The Revolutionary Thinker

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"Life begins where fear ends". Osho

Osho also known as Bhgawan Osho and Acharya Rajneesh was a revolutionary thinker and spiritual leader and one of the greatest Indian philosopher. Osho made revolutionary changes through their teachings in India as well as in western countries. He was most controversial spiritual leader, whose every remark and act results in controversy. You may agree with his views or may be disagree but one thing is clear that you can't deny the attractive personality he was having. He gained millions of followers from all over the world and most of them were youths.

Early Life: Osho was born as Chandra Mohan Jain on 11 December, 1931 in poor Jain family in Kuchhwada, a small village in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh (India). His Parents Babulal Jain and Saraswati Jain were religious people. Osho spent his childhood at his maternal's home and came back to his home after his grandfather died. Osho was 7 years old, when he lost his grand father and it makes a remarkable impact on Osho' life. Osho did his schooling from his native village and moved to Zabalpur for higher studies. Osho completed his bachelor and masters from Hitkarini college, N.D. college and Sagar University in his favourite subject Philosophy.

Osho on Indian tour : After completing his masters in Philosophy from Sagar University, he started to work as a lecturer of Philosophy in a Sanskrit college of Zabalpur . Within a month of working as a lecturer, he was expelled from college . He was alleged that his teachings were against the traditional society and religious faiths. He then joined Zabalpur University as a lecturer of philosophy but within few months, he was forced to leave university as his teachings were making students rebel. It  was the time when Osho became popular amongst the students of Zabalpur university. Osho became independent thinker and decided to roam across the different parts of country to spread his teachings. During the year 1951 to 1970 Osho roamed to different parts of India to spread his teachings. He became very popular amongst the people of India, specially youths. In the same time Osho was criticised for his views on religious faiths, social values and government. During his visit to different parts across the country, he was known as Acharya Rajneesh. His movement was known as 'Rajneesh movement'.

Osho as Sex Guru: During the 1960s Osho wrote his most controversial book 'Sex to superconsciousness'. In the book Osho advocated for free sex and said that sex is not a thing to be hide for. It is essential part of our life and the mean to achieve consciousness. Sex is very less discussed topic in Indian society and was untouched topic by Indian philosophers. But Osho openly talked on the topic and advocated to achieve the stage of consciousness through sex. Indian spiritual leaders and activists started to oppose Osho and demanded to ban his book. After publishing the book Osho was known as sex guru amongst their followers. This book was published and translated in more than 60 languages and was international best seller.

Establishing Osho Meditation Resort: In 1970s Osho established 'Osho meditation resort' at Pune. This super luxury resort attracted millions of followers across the world, specially from western countries. There was a complete freedom of living at the resort.This meditation resort is still a center of attraction for foreigners and a major source of revenue. Now Osho started teaching their followers from this resort only. During this period his followers across the world started to call him as 'Bhagwan Osho'.

Osho on western tour : During the 1980s Osho became very popular in western countries and gained millions of followers from America and other western countries. In 1981 Osho felt weak and unhealthy and his followers from America requested him to visit America for better medical treatment. Osho left for America in 1981 for medical treatment. Osho became healthy within few months and was planning to return back to India. But his American followers requested him to settle in America. Majority of his followers were rich professionals and businessmen. His American followers bought 70 acres of land in Oregaon to build a new city and named it as 'Rajneeshpuram'. This city was equipped with hotels, shopping malls, theaters, clubs and other advanced facilities. An airport 'rajneesh airlines' was also started. This city attracted millions of his followers from America and they settled down in Rajneeshpuram. This city was governed by Rajneesh. Within 4 years Osho became very popular in America because of his teachings. In the same time he was criticised for his remarks against Christianity and government. President Ronald Reagon was under pressure of Church to arrest and ban Osho for his controversial remarks. In 1985 Osho was arrested alleging that some of his followers are involved in criminal cases and his teachings are against American society. Osho was granted preconditional bail after 6 months of arrest that he will leave America forever. As per terms Osho left America for Greece and spent few weeks in Greece. But under the pressure of Church Greece banned him and one by one all the western countries banned his entry. Total 21 countries including America, Germany, Russia, England, Greece, Spain, Uruguay, France, Sweden banned Osho under the pressure of Church.

Return to India : After being banned in western countries has no choice to return back to India. After returning back to India in 1986, he started teaching at his Pune resort to his followers. During the period his teachings were reconciled and published as books, which were around 500.

Death : On 19 January, 1990 Osho died under mysterious conditions at his pune meditation resort. Some experts has a view that he was injected with 'Helium' a slow poison during his prison in America, his mother alleged that Osho was murdered by his own officials of Pune resort for property and the followers of Osho argued that he was god and he never born nor died, he just came to teach us. Osho has defined the death as the occasion of celebration and as per his wish his followers celebrated his death through dance and music.

Facts to Know about Rajeesh:

→ Osho word has been taken from Latin word 'Oshnik' which means 'going deep into see'.

→ During the school days Osho was associated with so many socialist and nationalist organisations like Indian National Army, Rastriya Swain Sewak Sangh.

→ Osho was billionaire and he owned more than 100 luxury cars including Rolls Royce.

→ Hundreds of crores annual royalty is estimated from his works and books.

→ Osho was atheist and was against all the religious faiths of all the religions.

→ Osho enlightened at the age of 21 years under a tree in a park at Zabalpur.

→ So many celebrities including Vinod Khanna, Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Bobby were his followers. Vinod Khanna sacrificed his acting career when he was on peak and spent 5 years at Rajneeshpuram in America.

→ At Osho mediation resort, Pune followers were having complete  freedom to live their life at his own wish without having any fear and restriction.

→ Osho was in favour of capitalistic society and was a critic of communism and socialism.

→ Osho was against the marriage and traditional customs of all the religions. He was also a strong critic of Gandhi.




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  1. I’d never heard of him before this, Thank you for sharing all of this information! I always love learning new things about the past and about amazing people.

  2. I believe learning the history that has helped to guide a culture and about the men and women who were the catalyst for change in those societies is one of the best ways to familiarize one’s self with any nation. Learning about Osho has helped me to learn some things about India I had not known of before.

  3. I never heard of him, only this time from you. And I agree with his philosophy about life. It all makes sense.

  4. Heard about him from a friend, but never knew he was such a personality in real. Very interesting life story, his rise and fall. Thanks for this post.

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