Konosuke Matsushita: The Panasonic Man

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" Even if your status rises, you should not become bigheaded. A truly noble person becomes more modest as his status improves". - Konosuke Matsushita, Founder Panasonic

Few thing and memories are there from my childhood I still remember. One of them was a panasonic two in one transistor to play music as well as radio. It was the year 1994 when I was 8 years old and I noticed an instrument used by my father to play songs. When I asked about that transistor, my father replied " It is Panasonic brand transistor imported from Japan in 1981. It is interesting that this transistor is still in working condition even after 38 years and is used by my father to play radio. Because of this transistor I came to know about 'Panasonic' and made an image of quality and excellence in mind from childhood for this company. When I grown up as a teenager I studied to know about this company and found that it was the persistence of a man 'Konosuke Matsushita'  who build up Panasonic as a brand of Quality.

About Konosuke Matsushita- Konosuke Matsushita was born on 27, November, 1894 in Wakayama in Japan in a rich family. But because of some bad investment decisions by his father, this family impoverished. Everything was sold off and family was forced to leave home town and and settled in city in bad sanitary conditions. Matsushita left the school and started to work as a carpenter. Matsushita left the job to join Osaka Electric Company. While working with company Matsushita approached to his boss and showed him an advanced technology in electric socket. Boss didn't shown any interest in new technology. Matsushita left the job to start his own company alongwith his wife and brother in law and few workers. Matsushita was not having any type of formal education or training and capital. He took a loan and started manufacturing plates used in electric fans. Matsushita approached to many shops and factories but didn't got any order. His financial condition became very critical due to heavy losses and non- payment of loans. He was left alone and all his workers left the company.Even he was to be declared bankrupt but his company got an unexpected order for plates in bulk. This order led him to pay off his debts and started manufacturing electric sockets. After witnessing so many ups and downs Matsushita took the company on heights. His company invented so many electric items that led the company to establish 'Panasonic' as a global brand name. Panasonic is one of the largest electric and home appliances manufacturer in the world with dominating market share. Panasonic made so many international collaborations to enter in untouched areas. Konosuke Matsushita was died 27 November, 1989 at the age of 94.

Konosuke Matsushita contribution towards society- Konosuke Matsushita was also a great management scholar who wrote more than 40 books. His book " developing a road to peace and happiness through prosperity" is best seller. I highly recommend to read this book. He also started 'Matsushita School of Government and Management' to developed skills of entrepreneurship in youths.


  • Medal with blue ribbon.
  • Medal with dark blue ribbon.
  • Order of sacred treasure.
  • Order of the rising sun.
  • Order of the Paullownia.
  • Order of the defender of the realm.
  • Senior third rank.

Books- So many books were written on his life and his management skills. One of them is 'Matsushita Leadership' by American  Author John Paul Kotter. It is highly recommended to read this book. Konosuke Matsushita is known as 'God of Management' in Japan.




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