Teachings of Osho

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Acharya Rajneesh popularly known as Bhagwan Osho was a great thinker, philosopher and spiritual leader who conceived Rajneesh Movement in early 1960s. Osho was a philosopher who is known for his boldness. He wrote on society, government, religion, people, youths, sex, economy. You may agree with him or may be disagree but one thing is sure that he was a fearless thinker, who doesn't care for anything. What he thought, he wrote without having fear.Lets have a look on his views on different subject matters.

  • Osho on religion : Osho was atheist, who doesn't believe in any religion. As per Osho all the religions were originated before thousand of years and it's principles may have relevancy for that time. But now most of their principles are irrelevant and need to be redefined as per need of the society. Second thing all the major religions have diverted from their root principles. Religious fundamentalists¬† are making us fool in the name of religious faiths and traditions. They are creating an environment of fear in the name of religion. We people need to listen our conscience and not to fundamentalists. I am advocating a religion free from any tradition and¬† beliefs, a religion of freedom and integrity.
  • Osho on Government : Before thousands of years when men came into existence and there was no government and no crime and war was there. Now with the formation of government so many wars have been fought. What these government done ? They didn't do any thing except to create an environment of fear, to impose a war and setting people against each other. All the leaders got the recognition only because of wars. Whether it is Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, or Churchill, they just impose war to be hero in history. We can manage our self and we do not want a government. I am thinking of a state without having any geographical boundary, where people can go without any legal restrictions.
  • Osho on Communism: Osho was a strong critic of communism and told it irrelevant in today's world. Communism is a barrier in development and learn us to divide. Development of society can be done only through capitalism. Poverty can be abolished from society if we will support and adopt capitalistic economy. Dividing the wealth of rich amongst poor is unjustified and unfair.
  • Osho on Youths : The development of a society depends on the youths and they are having the responsibility to take it on their own shoulders. If I am talking about youths, It doesn't about the age but the people who have energy and persistence, the people who can initiate for change, who has a vision. A person always think about past is old by mind, a person who always think for future is like a kid by mind but the person who think and live in present is one who can change the world. Do remember we are not born to appease anyone, we are here for a noble cause.
  • Osho on Swami Vivekanand : Undoubtedly Swami vivekanand was a great saint, philosopher, thinker and above all a great intellectual. His magical personality and life is a great source of inspiration for youths. But his isolation form materialistic world was something, I am not agree with.
  • Osho on death : Death is most misunderstood phenomenon. Majority of us are misinterpreted about the word death. As per peoples perception death is the end of human life but it is not right. Death is not the end but it the beginning of life. It is door between two life.Hence no need to cry on death, death is a festival, it is a occasion of celebration. Just celebrate the death with music and dance.
  • Osho on love:¬†Love is also a misinterpreted word. Love is something which comes from conscience. You can love others only when you love yourself. And to love yourself it is important to know yourself. Without knowing yourself you can't love yourself, without loving yourself you can't love others. Then just start knowing yourself.
  • Osho on Sex: Sex is a topic which is untouched by any Indian thinker. But Osho wrote a book on sex. According to him sex is as important as air, water and food. It is the need of every person and a great source of energy. Hence it should not be suppressed, if you are doing so definitely it is going to divert you from your aim. Sex is the the mean through which one can achieve superconsciousness.

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