What is domain trading and how to make money through domain trading ?

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Domain trading is one of the most trending business idea people are engaged with to make money. Domain trading can be done by spending few hours in a day even in a week. The good thing with domain trading is it requires very low amount of investment and bear less risk. Lakhs of people are involve in domain trading and making money.

What is domain- If a person has to go somewhere he should have address in the same way if we have to visit to a website we should have domain name. A domain name is simply an address to visit a website eg. zeenews.com, aajtak.com, vedantaclasses.in etc.

What is domain trading – Domain trading is a trending business idea. Domain trading refers to buying and selling of domain name. Lets understand with an example John being a domain trader purchased a domain name ‘economy.com’ for ₹ 99. Now Mac is looking for same domain name is ready to pay for the same ₹ 9,999. If John is ready to sell at this price he can. In the example taken John earn a profit of ₹ 9,900.

How it works- So many websites are there offering domain traders a platform where both of the parties can meet each other for domain trading. If you would like to involve in domain trading process just visit to these websites address and register for free as a trader. After successful registration you can park your domain name for sale. If some one is interested in your domain and ready to pay the price determined by you, he approach and pay the amount to own domain name. Amount is directly transferred to your bank account instantly after deducting commission. Sedo.com and godaddy.com are the most popular websites where you can park your domain name for trading.

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