What is Happiness

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'Happiness' this is something I am chasing for since my childhood days and still I am searching for. What is happiness ? I asked this question to many from whom I was expecting that they may answer it. But no one of them could exactly satisfied me. One common answer I got was " Happiness is something you feel after fulfillment of your wants". Whatever we are doing in this world only for happiness. A kid is playing why for happiness, a student is studying why for happiness, a person is doing job why for happiness, a person is doing business why for happiness, even a person commit suicide why only for happiness. But are we really happy, definitely not and we always blame god for this. Is it that god is behind your sorrow and pain. No ! God has nothing to do with your sorrow and pain , you are only responsible for this.

Bhagvadgita on Happiness- In the battle of Kurukshetra when Arjun asked to lord Krishna " everyone in this world wish for happiness and never wants to be unhappy but it doesn't happen, why". Lord Krishna replied that happiness and sorrow are the two aspects of same coin. Nothing except me in this world is permanent, everything is changeable. In the same way happiness and sorrow are also temporary, if you wish for happiness be ready to accept sorrow and pain. A saint in real welcome and enjoy both happiness and sorrow and stay calm and cool in both of the situations.

Gautam Budhha on happiness- Gautam Budhha said that happiness doesn't depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think. It is the state of your mind if you think you are happy you felt happy, when you think you are in pain you will feel so.You became unhappy only when you lose something but why ? You didn't brought anything with you, so why there is a need to be unhappy on losing. Happiness is the reason for your sorrow, if no happiness exist no pain would be.

Swami Vivekanand on happiness- Great thinker and philosopher Swami Vivekanand said on happiness that expectations always lead to sorrow and pain. A person who doesn't expect anything from anyone has no reason to be unhappy. A poor is unhappy because of his expectation of being rich, a rich is unhappy in the expectation of being super rich and a super rich is unhappy in the expectation of being healthy. Find a reason of being happy in all the circumstances.

Osho on Happiness- Spiritual leader and thinker Osho also think that expectations of being is the sole reason for sorrow and pain. Live the life without expectations and enjoy what you have, you will never feel sorrow and pain. Plenty of reasons are there to be happy but human being find the reason for being unhappy.

Meaning of happiness varied from one person to another. A saint felt happiness while seeing others happy, a cruel person felt happiness giving others pain, It solely depends on you how you felt. When Kunti wished for pain and sorrow for her from Lord Krishna, he said " I can't ,even no body in this world can worship you for pain and sorrow, expect you ". Final conclusion is that happiness is within us and you need to find it. Don't expect happiness from god or others, you and only you are responsible for your sorrow and pain.

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