When Ratan Tata took his revenge with his success

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" Take the stones people throw at you and use them to build a monument". - Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata, the head of India's largest corporate house and a global corporate leader is known as promoter of values in business and social responsibilites. Ratan Tata is a great source of energy and inspiration for youths. He has impressed and attracted the attention of youths through his pleasant personality and behavior and became the role model for youths. He is not only a great corporate leader but won us with his kindness and humanity. Lets have a look of his decision, which queued him on the top of global leaders and role model.

When Ratan Tata took revenge with his success- We all are aware with the fact that Tata Motors is largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India and global leader in commercial vehicle segment. It was the year 1998 when Ratan Tata decided to enter in passenger vehicle segment and as per his wish company planned and chalked out to execute the plan.  Tata indica was the first car which was launched by Tata Motors in passenger vehicle segment in 1998. Even after proper planning and hard work Tata Indica failed to make a remarkable presence in market. Tata motors reported huge loss in 1999 due to enter in passenger vehicle segment. Finally Ratan Tata decided to wind up Tata Motors passenger vehicle segment business and sold it out. For the purpose he approached Ford Motors, then global leader in passenger vehicle segment to sell off his business of passenger vehicle segment.

He attended Ford officials meeting headed by Bill Ford but he was badly humiliated in meeting. Ford officials said why you develop an idea to enter in passenger vehicles business if you don't have any experience in the segment , we are favouring you while taking over your business. Ratan Tata felt very insulted  and left the meeting and returned back to India.

He dropped the idea to sell off his passenger vehicle business and called a meeting of company shareholders for revival plan. Board of directors opposed the revival plan but Ratan Tata, the man of will  didn't changed his mind. Ratan Tata called a meeting to study and analyse the reasons of failure of Tata Indica. Tata motors learned a lesson from Failure of Indica and worked hard to launch new model Tata Indica V2. This model was technically perfect and was appreciated by experts. Tata Indica V2  made a remarkable presence in market and take the company on new heights. Under his leadership Tata Motors launched  so many new models and made a remarkable presence in global passenger vehicle segment by the year 2008 and profit also jumped with a significant rate year to year.

On other hand ford motors was continuously losing market share in passenger vehicle segment. Two luxury models of Ford motors  Jaguar and Land rover flopped and turned the company into loss making firm. Due to heavy  loss ford motors decided to sell off this two luxury models Jaguar and Land rover. Ford motors approached Tata motors to sell off his business. Bill ford came to mumbai and attended the meeting headed by Ratan Tata. This deal was a very big and risky game but it was the personality of Ratan Tata who instantly agreed to take over Jaguar and Land rover from Ford motors. Bill Ford thanked to Ratan Tata and said you favoured me while taking over this business. After deal Bill ford revealed the incident that happened before 10 years and apologies for his behaviour.

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