Why Facebook attract Teenagers ?

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Nowadays, Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has become an indispensable part of our daily life. These sites specially Facebook is gaining users day by day and majority of them are teens. A survey revealed that 75% of the teens , it means 3 out of every 4 teens are using social media and majority of them are addicted. As per survey a significant number of the teen users are giving 5 hours to 6 hours in a day of their valuable time to social media sites. Addiction of the social media can be understand by seeing teenagers using social media sites while in metros, while travelling in trains and buses, while driving, even while they are walking on the roads. Facebook is the most popular social networking site amongst the teens. I have discussed to many teenagers and asked why they are so much addicted to social media, specially Facebook . Search of a true friend, fan following tendency, search of love mates, private chats were the most common reasons they revealed while discussing. Lets evaluate each and every reason they revealed while discussing .

  1. Search of true friend : A man is said to be a social animal and having the nature to have a surrounding of friends and well wishers . Specially in teenage a person wants to have a surrounding of true friends, with whom they can share their feelings and emotions . Social media has given teens a platform to access wider choices to make a friend beyond the limits of region, religion, sex and caste. Every teenager want to see their facebook list richer day by day. But is it that facebook is the right platform to find a true friend and a saerch of a true friend ends here, definitely not . Survey revealed that a person with great number of facebook friends are those who are really alone and isolated in real life. A very few of our facebook friend list, with whom we are familiar with personally only take care of yours. Rest of them in the list are just friend to say .
  2. Fan Following Tendency : Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated specially if one is in teenage. A teenage is the age where a person think him self as enough mature to take them seriously, but parents treat and think them still a child having not enough maturity to be recognised. But when his posts on facebook,Twitter and Instagram gains likes, comments and followers He starts to think their parents perception for him is wrong and is enough mature to be recognised. But gaining likes and comment does’t have to do anything with your maturity. Likes and comments on post can’t rate the personality and maturity of a person. It is misconception, if one is doing or thinking so.
  3. Search for Love mates: Attraction for opposite sex is common in teenage. A teen want to have some space where he or she can search and interact with known and unknown persons from opposite sex. Facebook is the right platform where they can do this. But I know many of the users who have their fake ids . Girls have created fake ids with boys name and boys have created with girls name and there is no such mechanism to check whether an id is real or fake. So if you are searching for a loved one on Facebook definitely you are wasting your time and energy.
  4. Private Chats: One common reason behind the addiction to facebook is anyone can send or receive private messages in real time to individuals even, whom you d’ont know personally.It is one of the most important feature teenager attract for facebook. In teenage teens d’ont want to have any interruption of family members between their private chats. Facebook is the right platform where they can enjoy uninterrupted chat access .

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